DIY Pantry Spice Rack

Hey there again!

Today we are building a DIY Spice Rack.  It is just a little cheap DIY organization for spices.  I’ve have seen different ways people have tried to organize their spices and I don’t think there is a wrong way to do it!  At my house we have containers of all sizes; short, tall, glass, square you name it. Our pantry is fairly small and it is prime real estate for ‘food’ food.  We don’t have extra space to allow all these loose spice containers rolling around.

I love the idea that some have the tools necessary for building a rack out of wood and the gumption to drill it into their door.  Perhaps someday I’ll put the time and energy into something like that but I would need the tools and the patience!  This however, is super cheap, super simple and super quick.  It took me all of 5-10 minutes to put this together and it has held up for months now.  (I know, I’m a little late in posting this 😛 ). 

This was so simple that when I was in the dollar store, I saw these small plastic tub/baskets and just thought of trying out the idea of a pantry door attached spice rack.  (I’m only sharing this because it actually worked for me  😉  ).   They were the perfect size and they came in packs of 2.  I got 2 bundles.  Had they been a little longer maybe just the one package would have been fine.  While out and about I looked for a way to attach these bad boys and found Command hook and loop Picture Hangers.  They looked like they would work perfectly, and they have!

DIY Pantry Spice Rack 

Cost: <$10

Time: < 10 minutes

Materials needed include:

  • Small plastic baskets
  • Command hook and loop picture hanging strips

What to do!

  • Decide where you’d like your little baskets to go.  You can mark the spot so it is easier in a minute to line everything up.
  • Determine Weight. On the box of the Command strips, it will tell you how much weight each strip can hold.  So without under doing it, estimate between the weight of your basket and the spices it will be holding. This is how much weight will be held by the strips, so use them accordingly. 
  • Attach the strips on basket. Attach as many as needed, for the weight that needs to be held, to the basket using the adhesive side on the basket.  For mine I did one at the top lip of the basket and one at the bottom for a sure support.
  • Attach the strips on the door. Line up the location of the corresponding strips on the baskets to match where the strips should go on the door and attach the strips adhesive side on the door.
  • Attach the basket to the door. Make sure that all the ‘hook and loops’ are engaged and secure. So make sure you keep pressing until you don’t hear them catching anymore.
  • Fill your baskets with spices!

I hope you find this to be a super simple project that is actually useful!  This has worked for me in clearing up much needed shelf space in my pantry and the best part is that there are no tools required to do this!

Stop by again soon!